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A B O U T    M E

 I N D E P E N D E N T    D R E S S M A K E R    I N    L I V E R P O O L 


From a young age dressmaking is something I have always been surrounded by with both my Mum and Grandma at the very centre of it all. I started out by working in a bridal boutique as well as gaining experience sewing alongside my mum as she specialised in bridal alterations for many years. During this time I completed my BA(Hons) degree in Fashion Design at Manchester School of Art and it was here I had the opportunity to combine my craft and creativity, so naturally my love of dressmaking began to grow. 


Together with my sewing skills developing and love of all things weddings I knew this is something I wanted to pursue as a career, so I decided to focus all of my energy into creating a capsule collection of flowergirl dresses. My signature style is a combination of classic and contemporary as I believe there is beauty in simplicity. Drawing inspiration from classic silhouettes of vintage fashion paired with modern, playful additions of bows and embellishments I have developed a range of timeless designs to last, in the hope of creating family heirlooms that can be treasured forever. 


With business starting to bloom, I opened a shop in early 2017 in Childwall together with my mum, Lynn where we stayed for 5 years. Although we loved our time spent there we closed up in 2022 after many a change in circumstances for the both of us. Now tucked away and hidden from view (with a three year old in tow!), you can find me in my studio in Allerton, South Liverpool where I carefully create each dress by hand. Alongside the studio I have a separate showroom where dress samples are available for you to come and view and try with your girls if you would like to make an appointment.  

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